AFL SuperCoach: Round 2 Studs and Duds

Written by Nicholas Wealands (@Nick_Wealands) on 04 April 2017   

With another round in the books, the most important week of the Supercoach year is fast approaching. Strategies will be broken and players will be cut.  To make this decision a whole lot easier, let's break down how our premium performers fared.


Robbie Gray ($588,200 MID) Score: 164

The strongest performer of the round by far. 30 disposals and 6 goals in a riot of Fremantle was perfect for Gray after an injury-riddled first round score of 38. Looking at the surface of those statistics it seems a mystery to why he didn't accumulate a score of 200 points plus. But, blowouts are scored a little differently from a Supercoach standpoint resulting in the score. Still a very good effort.

Rory Sloane ($591,000 MID) Score: 146

Sloane was back to his best in a Saturday outing at the MCG. The 25 disposals and massive 15, yes 15 tackles allowed Sloane to go big and reassure his buyers why they selected him. Has the potential to be a top 5 scoring player this season without a doubt. Has relished with the Dangerfield departure and should only get better with the likes of a Matt Crouch causing the opposition more and more headaches with each game he plays. If you were to trade out the likes of an Ablett or Hannebery this week I'd be investing in this bloke as he's a bona fide star.

Ollie Wines ($533,700 MID) Score: 145

When your job is as simple as getting the ball as often as you can, you can expect some big scores to come with it. Wines' role in 2017 is just that and he's playing it to a tee. 31 disposals and 2 goals saw Wines back up last week's 125 with 145. If he can stay injury free mark my words he will be a top 10 scoring player. Last year for Wines was about getting the miles back on to the legs and lining up week in week out. Now it's about being the best player on the field. Wines is a huge beneficiary of the Powell-Pepper drafting with another big body to dive in and help out in gathering that contested ball.

Marcus Bontempelli ($586,100 MID) Score:140

The Bont has started the 2017 season the way he finished the last one. On Fire! Bontempelli is a flat out star who's a match winner and more importantly a consistent and reliable scorer. His ability to go up forward and impact on the scoreboard along with his fourth quarter heroics bode well for the Bontempelli's scoring capacity. Might cool off a little bit in the middle part of the year but still likely to average 110+.

Brodie Grundy ($520,500 RUCK) Score: 135

Had the better of Nankervis till the last quarter. Has been very impressive so far since being touted as a breakout player. His hit-out work has been a pleasant surprise as he racked up 45 on Friday night. The exciting part is he should only get better with Collingwood set to turn some of these close losses into wins as the season continues. Could he finish as the #1 number one ruck in 2017?

Honourable Mentions

  • Luke Shuey ($574,500 MID) Score: 141
  • Patrick Dangerfield ($716,900 MID) Score: 140
  • Trent Cotchin ($546,800 MID) Score: 135
  • Dylan Shiel ($539,200 MID) Score: 132
  • Jack Gunston ($502,300 FWD) Score: 131


Tom J. Lynch ($507,200 FWD) Score: 43

Just a typical case of being a key forward this is. Some weeks you're hot and other weeks you're not. The worry to take out of this is how bad Gold Coast is and whether they will reliably be able to feed Lynch the ball. If I had Lynch on my team I'd strongly consider moving him on for this reason. If points were awarded for getting the ball to ground then sure, but unfortunately, they aren't.

Heath Shaw ($576,500 DEF) Score: 53

Didn't have much to do in this game as the ball spent its entirety up the other end. Only the 15 disposals at 73% efficiency saw Shaw take the back seat in this one and watch from the other end of the ground. Don't take much out of this.

Matthew Boyd ($563,900 DEF) Score: 56

Boyd was definitely not himself on Friday night. Whether Sydney was consciously putting the screws on him or not, he lacked his usual composure and game-awareness that makes him the player he is. His 21 disposals were scratchy and the pressure of the small Sydney forwards gave him real concern. These kinds of scores occurred at the same time last year making him an ideal trade option. If you have him, hold. He'll come good.

Kade Simpson ($578,700 DEF) Score: 57

Was terrible. Nothing like the Kade Simpson I know and have come to love. The pace of the game didn't suit him what so ever with the big bodies reigning supreme in what was a toughly contested battle. Cripps being out will help him with the tagging pressure most likely going toward Docherty meaning the only avenue out of defence will be through Simpson's boot. Let's chalk this up as a one in a million.

Gary Ablett ($620,600 MID) Score: 73

The sequel to the movie ‘Gone Girl' should be ‘Gone Gary'. Ablett's body is passed it and he looks disinterested. To top it off he plays for the AFL's worst team. If you have him in your squad hit the trade button immediately before the round 3 lockout. Although it breaks my heart, Gary is no more.

Dishonourable Mentions

  • Aaron Hall ($519,800 MID) Score: 44
  • Tom Scully ($530,00 MID) Score: 55
  • James Kelly ($523,400 DEF/MID) Score: 56
  • Bryce Gibbs ($577,200 MID) Score: 58
  • Jack Viney ($527,500 MID) Score: 64

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