How do we fix our rookies after Round 1 of AFL SuperCoach?

Written by Bryce Whitney (@AFLBryce) on 30 March 2017   

It’s been a tough year to pick rookies and the first round has absolutely bamboozled the SuperCoach community. A majority of players we thought were shoe-ins to be the low scorers have finished as being the higher scorers, and vice versa. Making matters worse, a lot of people would have their high scorers on the bench without a way to get them into their teams. Supercoach is a cruel game at times but it’s really important to give these rookies another game before making any rash decisions.

Let's run through some of the most notable Round 1 rookies.

Sam Powell-Pepper (135k, MID, BE: -81) – Score: 78

Powell-Pepper looks like he has been playing AFL for a long time. At 65% ownership, SPP would’ve been in a lot of starting squads and was one of the few players that didn’t disappoint. In the end, he was part of a great effort by Port to take down the Swans, clocking up 19 touches and 2 goals, just like Dan Butler. The job security is high with SPP as I think Port would be silly not to go back to the well with what has shown to work once.

Dan Butler (123k, FWD, BE: -124) – Score: 96

This bloke really showed us how he can help our teams. He dropped a surprising 96 points on Thursday night against the Blues as he sunk 2 goals and finished with 19 touches. He also had 3 tackles and 5 inside 50's. He really made an impact for the Tigers and would be very unlucky not to get at least a few more games to provide us some much-needed cash. Unfortunately, he won’t get to play against the Blues every week, so this game doesn’t mean he is a going to be an automatic starter next week.

Jarrod Pickett (123k, MID/FWD, BE: 12) – Score: 28

We can’t really blame Pickett for laying a brick directly in the middle of our forward line. The ball was at least 5 kilometers away from him at all times in Carlton’s dismal effort against the Tigers. Small forwards do have the potential to go missing more than other positions, but I suspect Pickett will still make us some good cash. Keep hold of him until he gets it going.

Mitch Hannan (117k, FWD, BE: -127) – Score: 96

Hannan was the opposite of a pre-season bolter. He flew under the radar with only 3.9% ownership and scored a fantastic 96 (also like Dan Butler, this is getting suspicious now.) He had 16 touches, 7 marks, 4 tackles and 2 goals in an exciting come from behind Melbourne victory.

Ben Ainsworth (198k, MID/FWD, BE: -49) – Score: 79

We had word that there was a late change to the Suns game against the Lions. Just like that, David Swallow was out. This opened the door Ainsworth who had 14 touches, 4 marks, 6 tackles and 2 goals. He has shown us that he really needs to be considered in our teams and if Pickett or Eddy is still struggling after round 2 we could be needing to swap them to one of Ainsworth or McGrath, who both have that lovely dual position status.

Special Mentions

Joel Smith (102k, DEF, BE: 19) – Score: 23

Dislocated shoulder early in the game and won't be playing for the foreseeable future. Trade out of your team unless you need a floating loophole.

Mitchell Hibberd (123k, MID/DEF, BE: 22) – Score: 23

3 clangers (-4 points per Clanger) and 3 free’s against (-4 points per Free Against) impacted his score by 24. So he could’ve easily been over 40. Monitor.

Andrew McGrath (211k, DEF/MID, BE: -49) – Score: 83

If he scores like this again we need to get him in before Round 3.

Brett Eddy (102k, FWD, BE: -4) – Score: 30

Eddy may be a slow burn like Pickett. Owned by 61% of the league so don’t think you’re the only one that feels the low scores. Hold.

Dan Houston (117k, DEF, BE: -79) – Score: 72

Very impressive. Thought he would score 30 and Brett Eddy would score 70. Almost wasn’t named. Houston, we don’t have a problem. Sorry… I'll see myself out.

Tom Stewart (117k, DEF, BE: -49) – Score: 57

He was a lockdown defender and did his job on the field and in our teams. Held his own when the ball was around him. Should contribute decent cash.

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