Round 1 AFL SuperCoach Mid-Pricers: $250k - $499k

Written by Nicholas Carbines (@AFLplus) on 28 March 2017   

These Horsemen of the Apocalypse wander the fantasy footy landscape, slaying novice enthusiasts with their below average scores and high handball-to-kick ratios. These Clanger-men of the game will send your hopes for glory over the boundary line like so many of their wayward kicks. In fact, if Clark Griswold were playing Supercoach he’d call mid-pricers the ‘Family Trucksters’ of fantasy footy.

“You think you hate it now, but wait ‘til you drive it.”

A bit harsh? Maybe. Someone else thought so and created the term, ‘Roses.’ It’s often employed when speaking about a mid-pricer who is perhaps a little under-priced and could rise quickly in value, making you some ‘upgrade cash’. But these Roses are rare. Beware the Fool’s Gold in the garden. Mid-pricers suck people in, particularly when the Rookies are rank and the desperate Supercoacher only has $250k-499k in the kitty.

It’s only round 1 so the ‘sample size’ is huge. Let’s take a look at the ‘watercooler’ mid-pricers, the players Supercoachers are pondering over.


If you have too, these players should make you some kitty-cash.

1. Toby Nankervis (Rich) $366.4, RUC/FWD. B/E: -26. Last RD: 126pts

The big fella is in 38% of teams and no-one should be disappointed so far. Richmond is flying but he comes up against Collingwood’s Heath Grundy this week. If he goes big he should be considered unless you have already gone the set and forget option.

2. Aaron Sandilands (Freo) $308.2 RUC. B/E: -44. Last RD: 107pts

Turf-Toe had no competition against Geelong last week. He’s in 50% of teams and smashed 48 hit-outs. He’s up against Port this week, (away) but if you are looking – look no further.

3. Zach Tuohy (Gee) $443.2 DEF. B/E: 40. Last RD: 102pts

Zach had a day out in Geelong’s demolishment of Freo. He should enjoy playing North this week under the roof at ES. He will continue to be Geelong’s set up player at half back so the numbers will keep coming. Don’t expect him to make you $150k but he should pump out healthy scores and eventually rise to $550ish. Will he be a keeper? If you think so, jump on at this price because he’s only gonna go up.

4. Jack Steele (Stk) $347.1 MID/FWD. B/E: -35 Last RD: 113pts

As per Tuohy. This lad ain't going down in price and he could be a keeper for your forward line. If you think so, jump on as he is not going to be this cheap again.  

Other Mentions 

Elliot Yeo (WCE), Marc Murphy (CARL), Lachie Plowman (CAR) George Hewitt (SYD), Shaun McKernan (ESS).

Fools gold

We all see the potential, but don’t do it. Close your eyes and walk away.

1. Dayne Beams: (Bris) $432.500 MID B/E: 56 Last RD: 91pts

Tough, I know. But will he be a top 8 MDF in 2017? If you think not, then he’s not worth trading in. If you have him, hold on. He will rise in value but be sure to jump off when you can get on board a sure fire premium.

2. Christian Petracca: (Melb) $395.6 FWD B/E: 28 Last RD: 94

He has a low BE and could be the real deal. If you have him, obviously hold him, but I wouldn’t trade to get him at this stage due to his price. You have to ask what cashback you will get. There’s better out there if you are looking to trade.

3. Clayton Oliver: (Melb) $382.5 MID BE: -7 Last RD: 109

There’s better options at cheaper prices. Can this youngster keep up the pace? Nice BE though.


Lock these blokes in the attic and forget about them.

1. David Swallow: $DNP

Made Of Glass. He pulled out of the game on the weekend due to a sore ankle. Don’t even peer into the attic unless his first two games average over 100pts. Not worth the risk and if he ties a few games together, he’ll then breakdown midgame on 23pts and his price will crash and burn.

2. Matthew Kreuzer: (Car) $398. RUC Last RD: 121ps

No, NO, NO. Don’t even think about it. He’s one misstep from shattering into 20 pieces or tearing a ligament off the bone. Not worth the risk.

3. Shaun Higgins: (NTH) $426.4 FWD Last RD: 111

Great player when on the field but his nickname is Medicare. No chance.

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