SuperCoach Cash Cows: Best selections before the price change

Written by Bryce Whitney (@AFLBryce) on 04 April 2017   

The first week of SuperCoach was a tough one. Cash Cows had proven to be tough to pick already. Then Round 2 happened. We are left with some tough decisions this week, as there are some great players to select, but also some popular ones that we need to draw a line through. A players price changes after playing three games, so it’s our last week to select the guys that are going to make us the most cash.

Jarrod Witts (217k, RUC, BE: -56) – Score: 100

Witts has been a revelation through the first two rounds of footy. He is the #1 Ruckman at his new team, the Gold Coast Suns. The Suns were absolutely tormented by GWS, and as Witts went up against one of the most powerful rucks in the AFL in Shane Mumford, he still managed to ton up. These last few weeks have shown that Witts is the real deal and he’s provided incredible value for the SuperCoach community. If you don’t own Witts, you can consider swinging Luke Strnadica (if owned) into the forward line and getting Witts in at R3. You can make truckloads of cash off Witts, then later in the season cash him in, swing Strnadica back into your R3 position and upgrade another position on the field. That move provides you valuable emergency ruck cover, as well as cash generation.

Will Hoskin-Elliot (213k, FWD, BE: -85) – Score: 120

16% of coaches have been staggered with the opening scores of Hoskin-Elliot. A first round score of 88 saw him with a nice negative breakeven, but 120 makes this guy a must-own player before round 3. He kicked three goals straight and took 12 grabs on Thursday night, but a positive with WHE's upside is the fact that his team has now played in two losses and he’s still scored unbelievably. 

Sam Powell-Pepper (135k, MID, BE: -90) – Score: 90

I’m calling it very early, but SPP looks like he could be a stalwart in our team until season's end. SPP finished up with 25 disposals (95% efficiency, 14 contested), 8 clearances, 4 marks and 3 tackles. Watching this kid play footy is a fantastic sight that should be experienced by everyone who gets the chance to watch him. His job security is among the highest of the cash cows in SuperCoach.

Caleb Marchbank (236k, DEF, BE: -43) – Score: 82

Dare I say it again; this is another guy that looks like he could be a season-long SuperCoach keeper. At very worst he looks like he will average 80, which would see him being a great stepping stone option. Marchbank currently ranks 2nd in the entire AFL for intercept possessions. We’ve got a steal for our SuperCoach teams here.

Andy Otten (123k, DEF, BE: -82) – Score: 108

I was lucky enough to be at a great game on Saturday afternoon against the Hawks and witnessed how good Otten can be. After Josh Jenkins went down, he filled his position in the team and looked reinvigorated, playing predominantly in the Ruck as well as providing a great target up forward. His job security was shaky going into this week, but this showing helps that immensely. Otten is 27 years old and is currently in his seventh AFL season. He hadn’t played since 2014 before this year but has averaged over 75 on three occasions. He’s a lock for us to be able to cash him in at the byes.

Braydon Preuss (123k, DEF, BE: -84) – Score: 111

Goldstein wreaked havoc on a portion of the SuperCoach community when he was withdrawn from the match against Geelong due to an ankle injury at training. Brad Scott mentioned that if the game was a day later he would've played, which isn't a great sign for Preuss' job security going forward. He had a fantastic game, but don't pull out all stops to get him in your squad.

Dan Butler (123k, FWD, BE: -90) – Score: 65

Butler backed up last weeks 96 with a respectable 65 in a win against the Pies on Thursday night. He’s looking to be a consistent option in the forward line and you can consider getting him in if you started without him and need some cash generation.

Mitch Hannan (117k, FWD, BE: -60) – Score: 31

Hannan punished SuperCoaches around the nation this week. 3% (3,710 people) of SuperCoach squads introduced Hannan at the cost of Brett Eddy, who showed us that just because you’re named an emergency it doesn’t always mean you won't play. It’s not all bad though, Hannan still has a great breakeven and will make you a decent amount of cash, just be careful if you’re starting him on the field over other guys like Dan Houston and Dan Butler.

Brett Eddy (102k, FWD, BE: -47) – Score: 76

Eddy gave us a Sunday evening surprise packet score of 76, and the Adelaide oval crowd chanted his name towards the end of the game. Eddy wasn’t meant to play this week as he was listed as an emergency, but he was a late in for Hamish Hartlett. Eddy has given himself a better chance of being selected next week, after having 10 kicks, 2 goals and 8 score involvements.

Dan Houston (117k, FWD, BE: -86) – Score: 81

After scoring 72 last week, Houston turned in a great showing with a score of 81. The Port cash cow trio has now played in the team's first two wins of the season, so we are yet to see if these guys will drop off when Port loses a game. Let's ride the wave and let Houston make us some money.

Tom Stewart (117k, DEF, BE: -50) – Score: 60 

Another week passes and Tom Stewart has another respectable score. He looks calm and collected on the field and cemented his decent job security as he impacted the game in a positive way for the Cats for the second week in a row.

Cam McCarthy (203k, FWD, BE: 53) – Score: 28

When you have blokes like Hoskin-Elliot, Witts, Houston and Marchbank sitting on the bubble, you really can't afford to have McCarthy stinking it up in your forward line every week. He’s likely to be losing cash at this point, so I can highly recommend a swap to WHE/Taranto/Witts/Etc.

Jarrod Pickett (123k, MID/FWD, BE: 8) – Score: 35

35 points are not much of an improvement on last week. Pickett still get’s his breakeven and he did look better this week than last. If you’ve missed out on one of the better cash cows it would be a good idea to swap.

Mitchell Hibberd (123k, MID/DEF, BE: 25) – Score: 0

Hibberd became a useful emergency loophole this week when he wasn’t named in the final squad for Sunday against Geelong. North was beaten in a close game against Geelong, so see if he is named next week and if not don’t hesitate to move him to a bubble boy you’ve missed out on.

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