SuperCoach Cash Cows - The prices have changed

Written by Bryce Whitney (@AFLBryce) on 11 April 2017   

Finally, the SuperCoach price changes have occurred and round three is over. The exciting stuff begins when the players start to change in value, and SuperCoaches can make a more informed decision as to whom they trade out or in. I'm here to make that decision even more informed as I break down the most relevant Cash Cows.

Nic Newman (123k, DEF) | AVG: 89, BE: -106, Score: 105

Newman has had scores of 73 and 105 in his first two games of AFL. If you have the likes of Joel Smith or Mitchell Hibberd in your defensive line, getting Newman is an easy option. He provides the Swans with a speedy halfback rebound specialist and as long as he is performing like he has over the last two rounds his position is secure in the side. Dane Rampe is going to return to the side in 3-4 weeks, which means Newman will have enough time to generate good money before the byes.

Will Hayward (121k, FWD) | AVG: 66, BE: -61, Score: 50

Hayward kicked three goals against the Pies on the weekend but only finished up with 50 points due to a lack of supporting stats. He has played well enough to keep his spot when Heeney returns, and it’s more likely that a more senior player loses their position instead of Hayward if the Swans continue to lose matches. Hayward will go into the byes at a perfect 300k if his average continues at 66.

Robbie Fox (102k, MID) | AVG: 61, BE: -62, Score: 78

Fox is another Swans bubble-boy who turns 24 this weekend, making him a mature aged player. He is projected to increase 55k after the price change and should be up over 200k the following week. Fox has just is now off the rookie list after being elevated, and players like that can be risky, and the fact that Rohan, Papley and McVeigh all have to return deems Robbie Fox a risky pick.

Braydon Preuss (199k, RUC) | AVG: 80, BE: -82, Score: 87

Brad Scott mentioned that the Kangeroo's would use the ruckman that suits the matchup better on a weekly basis. Preuss was the side’s number one ruckman against GWS and Mumford and Goldstein’s output suffered due to a move to the forward line. There will be times where Preuss scores terribly due to Goldstein being #1 ruck in particular matchups, but if you want to make some cash in the ruck position, it’s your last chance to jump on. Preuss is still cheaper than Witts’ starting price, so it’s not too late to grab him. Don’t be put off by his price; he is the type of player that could get up to average 75-80 and get up to 350-400k if the one-two punch with Goldstein continues.

Ryan Burton (254k, DEF/FWD) | AVG: 92, BE: -36, Score: 80

Burton is a higher priced defender/forward DPP due to having already played a few games last year. Hawthorns 2015 draftee has been highly impressive this year, with scores of 104 and 80 and has been a shining light for a struggling team. Hawthorn is a team in uncharted waters right now after starting 0-3, so it's tough to say anybody’s job security is great, but based on Burton’s performance he should remain in the starting team. The elevated price does make it tough to select him, but if you’ve missed out on the likes of Caleb Marchbank, you may consider taking Burton to make some of the cash other people are generating through Marchbank. Check out David's piece on Ryan Burton.

Brandan Parfitt (166k, MID/FWD) | AVG: 59, BE: -38, Score: 99

This week’s rising star nomination has already played three games and seen a price increase of 49k. He is currently at the price Oliver Florent started at due to his two small scores of 36 and 44, but Parfitt just gave us close to 100 to show us that he can still get us money. He also has a handy DPP status. With a low breakeven, he is a valid selection.

Ben Ainsworth (198k, MID/FWD) | AVG: 71, BE: -27, Score: 0

Ainsworth was a late withdrawal from the Suns game, much to the demise of 14% of SuperCoach teams that own him. If he is to line up this week, you can consider him for one of your rookie corrections due to the high job security and scoring potential.


Tom Williamson (117k, DEF) | AVG: 77, BE: -86, Score: 77

Williamson has only just made his debut but scored well in a wet affair in Carlton’s first win of the season. Wait and see how he performs in his second game.

James Parsons (117k, FWD) | AVG: 60, BE: -52, Score: 60

Had 18 touches in his first game playing off the wing and forward for the Cats. Scored quite well but had no marks which decreased his scoring output.

Harley Balic (123k, MID/FWD) | AVG: 38, BE: -4, Score: 38

Balic had a shocker of a first game but is a highly touted recruit from Freo. He should score better than this game and would be a suitable correctional trade target if he does so.

Tim Smith (102k, FWD) | AVG: 29, BE: 2, Score: 29

May get more of an opportunity with Gawn out but needs to kick goals to get points. See how his second game goes pending selection.

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