SuperCoach Cash Cows - How to sift through the carnage

Written by Bryce Whitney (@AFLBryce) on 19 April 2017   

There hasn’t been a shocking round like the last one in SuperCoach for a long time.

Some of the big-name premiums that usually score well were inferior, and even Perma-Captain Dangerfield only scored 90 points. Some Rookies were also off the pace, Powell-Pepper going for 41, Florent 43, Parfitt 52, Hampton 52, and Eddy and Barrett both missing games.

Round four wasn’t all bad though, as Nic Newman scored 80 and Andy Otten scored 98, and they proceeded to be bright sparks in Defence. The pair of Dan’s in the forward line kept up the solid scoring, with Butler scoring 64 and Houston scoring 68.

Round five gives us new opportunities with new cash cows coming through, including Brandon Matera who is discussed below. Let's hold our composure, use our trades intelligently, and see who will make us some money in the upcoming weeks.

Breakevens – Top 15

Name Price Position Breakeven

Nic Newman




Brandon Matera




James Parsons*




Tom Williamson




Robbie Fox




Harley Balic




Brett Eddy




Brandan Parfitt




Andy Otten




Shaun McKernan




Ben Ainsworth




Jake Barrett




Troy Menzel




Cam McCarthy




Tim Broomhead





Best trade-in prospects

Harley Balic (123k, MID/FWD) | AVG: 55, BE: -38, Scores: 38, 73

Some coaches went early on Balic and regretted it after a nervous 38 left us with some question marks around his scoring capability. This week the Dockers got their second consecutive win (Crazy, I know) and Balic put himself in our calculations for a trade-in. He concluded his second AFL game with 15 touches (73% efficiency, six contested), five tackles, four marks and a goal.

Consider him as an option to bring in for a downgrade from an underperforming midpricer or a side swap for another cash cow that’s not getting games or not making enough money.

Tom Williamson (117k, DEF) | AVG: 61, BE: -53, Score: 77, 45

This year has presented us with an abundance of cheap defensive options, and Williamson is just another one of that bunch. He had a great debut game against the Bombers in the wet but wasn’t crucial against the Suns in a Blues loss. He still got 13 touches against the Suns but didn’t have an impact in tackling or going into the forward line as he did against the Bombers.

Zac Fisher had a great first game for the Blues and could force Williamson out of the side, so there is a little bit of risk there. Williamson still presents as a real downgrade target for Tom Stewart or direct swap for Mitchell Hibberd.

Chopping Block

Tom Stewart (170K, DEF) | AVG: 48, BE: 25

Stewart looks like he should be scoring higher than he is, but the scoring potential just isn’t there.

At this point, we’ve made 53k out of him, and if you need a defensive player to trade out, Stewart can be first on the block.

Oliver Florent (196k, FWD/MID) | AVG: 44, BE: 24

Florent started with an elevated price, and we got him in expecting an average in the 60s.

Having options like Balic out there this week makes it an easy decision to cut our losses and bank the little cash he has generated.


James Parsons (117k, FWD) | AVG: 64, BE: -59, Score: 60, 68

Parsons could’ve discovered himself in a lot of SuperCoach teams this week had he not been suspended. The MRP handed Parsons a two-match suspension for his bump on Luke Hodge, which will leave him on the bubble until Round seven.

Keep him in your sights, as there are a few rookies that will be able to be cut in the next two weeks.

Zac Fisher (117k, MID) | AVG: 74, BE: -79, Score: 74

Fisher provided Carlton with a spark with his tackling pressure and ball skills in his debut on the weekend. The Blues think very highly of this kid and has high job security.

Fisher will be very beneficial to bring in if he plays next week and scores well.

Jake Spencer (236k, RUC) | AVG: 100, BE: -62, Score: 100

With Dee’s primary ruckman being Gawn, Spencer moves into the number one spot. He’s a man mountain, and on the weekend he showed that he could be competitive against Sandilands, who is one of the best tap ruckman in the AFL. Spencer finished with 13 touches, four marks, three frees for, 15 hitouts and two goals.

The only hard part with Spencer is that he is in the Ruck, where we have had options like Witts and Preuss present themselves. If you are looking for a ruck trade-in, Spencer will be a good one after next round.

Proceed with Caution

Brandon Matera (331k, FWD) | AVG: 128, BE: -63, Score: 98, 159

Be very cautious if you're trading in Brandon Matera.

He has already been the third most traded-in player of the round, but based on a plethora of data we have about his SuperCoach scoring history it would be best to avoid him.

Matera is currently in his seventh season of his career and has a previous high average of 74.6. He has had high scores in the past but never had the ability to run out the season with consistent scores. It is unlikely that a player in his seventh season breaks out without a massive role change, which hasn't occurred. For example, Jared Brennan started his 2010 season with scores of 125, 97, and 122. He proceeded to average 70 for the rest of the season.

Risky picks scan pay off in SuperCoach, but choose your risks wisely and make them calculated ones.

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