SuperCoach Mid-Pricer Cash Cows after Round 2: 250K - 499K

Written by Nicholas Carbines (@AFLplus) on 04 April 2017   

After last week’s fun, we need to get serious. This is the week to dump your underperforming players and scoop up the ‘On The Bubble’ cash cows. There are mid-pricer roses out there who have blossomed well in the first two weeks and are ripe for the picking. These mid-pricers can make you some fast cash and pump out decent scores to keep you competitive whilst waiting for your Rookies to mature. So here they are, the Top 7 ranked by their breakeven scores, the must-have mid-pricers for your SuperCoach teams.

1. Sam Reid (275.3K, FWD, B/E: -55) 2 games, ave: 107.5

Reid is on fire for the Swans with two weeks over 100 pts. He will come up against the Collingwood backline this Friday night at the SCG. Expect this cash cow to continue to grow.

2. Shaun McKernan (277.5K, FWD, B/E: -28) 2 games, ave SC Score: 94.5

Essendon takes on Carlton this Sunday at the MCG. He is averaging 15 disposals whilst rucking for the Dons. He also runs at 90% efficiency.

3. Clayton Oliver (382.5K, MID, B/E: -26) 2 games, ave SC Score: 124

Holy Toledo. The Dees have found themselves one here. Oliver will be up against the Cats this week at Etihad. It will be hot in the middle, but with Jordan Lewis out suspended, even more responsibility will be placed on this young lad’s shoulders. With responsibility comes opportunity. He’s notched up 71 disposals in two games. The only drawback is that this week he’ll have to beat off DangerWood with a stick.

4. Toby Nankervis (366.4K, RUC/FWD, B/E: -25) 2 games, ave SC Score: 119

‘Nank the Tank’ to his mates. You can be his mate by drafting him into your SC team. Richmond can thank Sydney for this bloke. He comes up against West Coast at the MCG this week. That spells trouble for WCE who are struggling in the rucking stakes. Could I put the VC and loophole the Tank? Tempting…

5. Marc Murphy (432.5K, MID, B/E: -17) 2 games, ave SC Score: 134

Stalwart of the SuperCoach game. He’s racking up disposals (ave 33 per game) and faces Essendon this week followed by the Suns at Etihad. If he raises his disposal efficiency from 70%  - lookout.

6. Elliot Yeo (409.2K, MID/FWD, B/E: -4) 2 games, ave SC Score: 120.4

The last time I heard of anyone called Elliot he was flying through the air with ET in his bike-basket. This kid is a jet but there are better on offer. See above.

7. Lachie Plowman (310.1K, DEF, B/E: -3) 2 games, ave SC Score: 91.5

Mr 95% effeicientcy is averaging 19 disposals. He loves to kick the footy (24 kicks, 14 h’balls) which adds to his ease of scoring. He’s only turned it over twice from a total of 38 possessions. If you need a mid-pricer defender, the Plow could be your man.

Hidden Gem: Aaron ‘Turf Toe’ Sandilands. (308.2K, RUC, B/E: 1). 2 games, ave SC Score: 89

He is 58k cheaper than Nank the Tank, and he’s a proven performer.

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