SuperCoach Mid-Pricer Cash Cows for Round 5: 250K-499K

Written by Nicholas Carbines (@AFLplus) on 19 April 2017   

Rookies. Sure, there’s a few sitting on two games and massive negative breakevens this week (Newman, Williamson & Balic). But will they pump out a third-game high score, or will they go weak at the knees, leaving you gasping at the stats sheet? Here’s looking at you, Mitch Hannan.

Well here’s something you should not ignore; juicy Mid-Pricers. If you want point-scoring consistency, mixed with the potential of a solid price rise, then a Mid-Pricer Cash Cow could be the addition your team needs. There’s nothing like dumping a Mid-Pricer, who has earned you a quick 150K-200K, and making the easy leapfrog onto the broad shoulders of a Blue-Chipper.

Top 5 Mid-Pricer Cash Cows heading into Round 5 (250K-499K) 

1. Brandon Matera (331.9K, FWD, B/E: -62) 2 games, ave SC Score 128

Matera is the pick of the Mid-Pricers this week. His last two scores of 98 & 159, (yes, you read that correctly), makes him ripe for an $80K price rise after this round. That’s the best cash-grab you can get in SuperCoach this week. The only negative is his opposition this week is Adelaide. The bonus is the Gold Coast play at home.

2. Andy Otten (286.3K, DEF, B/E: -28) 4 games, ave SC Score 87

Most of us have Andy locked away in our defence. If you do, keep him there until he bottoms out. Should rise in price by around 50K this week. The more Adelaide crush their opponents at home, the more their players will pump out above average scores.

3. Shaun McKernan (277.5K, FWD, B/E: -26) 2 games, ave SC Score 94

Last played in Round 2. With Leuenberger playing well, Shaun may be a way off making a return to the Essendon line-up. Even if he does regain a place, how long will he be back for? I would steer clear of Shaun unless you already have him as your R3, in which case, hope he gets another chance so you can cash him in.

4. Brayden Fiorini (279.1K, MID, B/E: -8) 2 games, ave SC Score 86

Another Suns midfielder getting some game time. Averaging 24.5 disposals in 2017 at 78% efficiency, it’s no wonder he posted a score of 97 points last week.

5. Alex Neal-Bullen (356.4K, MID/FWD, B/E: -8) 4 games, ave SC Score 90

Melbourne are going to win the premiership in the next five seasons based on kids like Alex. If you got on N-B on the ground floor, then you’d be happy with the 92K value rise, and the kid’s average SC score (90). However, if you are looking for a quick cash-grab, jump on the number one man, Brandon Matera.

All Hail The Mid-Pricer King - Marc Murphy

Congratulations to those SuperCoachers who selected Marc Murphy in 2017. Murphy is averaging 137 points per week. He started the year at 432.5K and has now reached 560.3K. With a Round 5 B/E of 48, expect Murphy to soar past 600K. The sky’s the limit for the Mid-Pricer King of 2017.

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