SuperCoach Mid-Pricer Cash Cows for Round 4: 250K-499K

Written by Nicholas Carbines (@AFLplus) on 11 April 2017   

Last week I took the plunge and traded out Daniel Hannebery for Marc Murphy. A Premium for a Mid-Pricer. Was that Obi-Wan wise or Jar-Jar Binks stupid? Hannebery’s price dropped by 55.7K and his new B/E is 145. Murphy rose by 77.7K. and his B/E for Round 4 is 10. Murphy also out-scored Hannebery by 46 points. These are the kinds of trades SuperCoachers can debate about all week. That’s why we love it.

The Top 7 SuperCoach Mid-Pricers from last week brought home the cash with some solid scores and healthy price-rises. Here are their new values and break-evens as we head into Round 4:

Marc Murphy (510.2K, MID, B/E: 10) 3 games, ave SC Score 142

All hail the current SuperCoach King. Murphy notched up 10 tackles on his way to a staggering 158 points in the wet against Essendon. This sent his price soaring by 77.7K. Just imagine if his disposal efficiency had been better than 63% (yeah, conditions were difficult!). His high last round score will see his value continue to rise, his game average now at 142!

Clayton Oliver (439.3K, MID, B/E: 16) 3 games, ave SC Score 116

A solid performance against Geelong, scoring 102pts and increasing in value by 56.6K. His price will continue to climb so jump on if interested.

Toby Nankervis (425.1K, RUC/FWD, B/E: 17) 3 games, ave SC Score 115

Toot-Toot! Nank the Tank won’t stop a-chuggin’. This jet pumped out 107 points on the weekend to record a mammoth price rise of 58.7K. 21 hitouts and 18 touches around the ground keep him SuperCoach friendly. This cash-cow won’t stop mooing for some time yet.

Sam Reid (322.9K, FWD, B/E: 22) 3 games, ave SC Score 89

Threw up a disappointing 52 points in round three to stunt his cash flow to a 47.6K price-rise. That’s why mid-pricer key forwards are always risky, folks. His B/E remains low, so don’t trade him out just yet – however he’s probably not worth jumping on at this late stage.

Lachie Plowman (357.1K, DEF, B/E: 26) 3 games, ave SC Score 95

The Plow was our man after all, rising by 47K! If only I had listened to myself. Who said SOS had recruited too many GWS rejects? Last week I mentioned Plowman’s disposal efficiency was 95%. Well, in the torrential rain at the MCG, it slipped (pardon the pun) to 94%. Lift your game, 'man!

Elliot Yeo (447.4K, MID/FWD, B/E: 76) 3 games, ave SC Score 108

Pushed out a respectable 83 points but this reigned in his price-rise to 38.2K.

Top 5 Mid-Pricer Cash Cows heading into Round 4

1. Jarrod Witts (292.8K, RUC, B/E: -43) 3 games, ave SC Score 98

Mr Witts has graduated from Rookie status to Mid-Pricer status rising 75.2K in a week. If his price is palatable to you, then get on JW.

2. Ryan Burton (254.6, DEF/FWD, B/E: -35) 2 games, ave SC Score 92

I don’t care if I have never heard of this guy, he obviously knows his way around a football field. 17 touches and a goal against the Suns last week. He’s on the bubble and should burst nicely this week. He has Geelong at the MCG.

3. Shaun McKernan (277.5K, FWD, B/E: -28) 2 games, ave SC Score: 94.5

Will he be named this week? He was moved aside for the return of Matthew Leuenberger (who, incidentally pumped out 98 points). Shaun McKernan is averaging 15 disposals whilst rucking for the Dons. He also runs at 90% efficiency.

4. Will Hoskin-Elliott (282.5K, FWD, B/E: -26) 3 games, ave SC Score 93

The Hypen just keeps giving. He rose by 69.2K last week and that was with a relatively meagre score of 71. It’s a B/E hard to resist if you are looking for a consistent player who will rise in value. He is projected to rise by another 45K this week…

5. Clayton Oliver holds down the 5th spot

See last week's article for more details.

5a. Alex Neal-Bullen: (317.500, MID/FWD, B/E: 3) 3 games, ave SC Score 91

Another Hyphen.This one loves to kick the footy which is great for SuperCoach. He had 28 touches last week (25k, 3HB) and even booted 1.1. He will not be out of the Melbourne line-up anytime soon. Here's a picture of the young chap, in case you see him in the street and would like to say hi:

Special Mentions

George Horlin-Smith (234K, MID, B/E: -4) 2 games, ave SC Score 70

Will he play this week? Was out with a thumb injury. Is on the bubble.

Aaron ‘Turf Toe’ Sandilands (353.5K, RUC, B/E: 33) 3 games, ave SC Score 93.7

This giant will continue to do his thing. If you had Big Maxie Gawn (BMG), then perhaps you should consider this mid-pricer downgrade to generate some cash.

Dayne Beams: (462.9, MID, B/E: 41) 3 games, ave SC Score 106

This man is a SuperCoach beast. He will only go up in price and may be a keeper in the end – so why not jump on now?

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