How to replace Max Gawn in SuperCoach

Written by Bryce Whitney (@AFLBryce) on 12 April 2017   

How sad has SuperCoach become? The best ruckman in the league has gone down with a three-month long injury. If the injury was four to five weeks, we could’ve held him, but three months is just too long. An exciting facet of the Gawn injury is that we can now go ahead and select the best ruckman for our team and pocket some money for the kitty in the meantime.


Stefan Martin (516k, RUC) | AVG: 116.3, 7% Ownership

This year Stefan Martin has returned to his best, capturing his 2014 and 2015 form. Last year Brisbane played with two ruckmen, using Archie Smith alongside Martin, which caused Martin to have his lowest score since 2011. His starting price was 488k, and after one increase he sits at 516k, which will net you a handy profit of 79k if you choose to trade him in. Martin’s scoring ability is dependent on him being the number one ruck, and as we’ve seen with Goldstein this season, the ruck structure can change at any point. Chris Fagan would be crazy not to keep using Martin as the sole ruckman, and he has shown the faith so far. Keep Martin set in your sights as one of your top priorities.

Brodie Grundy (528k, RUC) | AVG: 107.3, 10% Ownership

The Collingwood big man has had a solid start to the season. Much like Martin, Grundy began with a lower score (82) and had dominated with 135 and 105 following it. Grundy manages to get a decent number of hit-outs to advantage due to the talented Collingwood midfield and also wins his own ball. In his last two seasons he has averaged 90 and 95, and to jump up to a 107 average already just shows how good he is. Grundy shared the ruck duties with Witts last season, so having Witts at Gold Coast can only help his output. Expect him to keep up his average and possibly even improve on it. Grundy is a great selection set-and-forget replacement for Gawn.

Toby Nankervis (425k, RUC/FWD) | AVG: 115.0, 45% Ownership

Nank the Tank. What can I say? He has been prolific this season. After only one price rise and a breakeven of 17, it’s time to get the big man in your squad. The most significant advantage of going to the Tank this week is the massive 170k you'll pocket from the trade, which you can use to upgrade an underperformer elsewhere in your squad. According to FantasyFreako, Nankervis has a hitout to advantage rate of 43.9% - 4.6% higher than the next best ruckman. He’s the top option, in my opinion, he’s a 600k player and to get him at this price is incredibly valuable. Joining the 45% of coaches that hold him will ensure that a majority of people will feel the good and bad, so just understand that he really won’t make a huge difference to your overall ranking, but could win you a league matchup if someone doesn’t have him.



Aaron Sandilands (353k, RUC) | AVG: 93.7, 51% Ownership

Sandilands has been average to start with, but at the starting price of 308k, you’ll take a 93 average any day of the week. The problem I have with selecting Sandilands is that you’ll more than likely have to use another trade to upgrade him when he is at a higher price and gets injured. Using two trades due to an injury to one of your players will hurt when you’re trying to complete your side at the tail end of the year. He is the highest-owned ruckman, at 51% ownership, and you can save yourself a trade at the tail end of the season by avoiding Sandilands. Yes, he will score well and make money, but the likelihood of him getting injured is very high. Sandi is a guy who hasn’t played a full season since 2008, so the recommendation is to avoid him if you don’t already own him. Utilise your money on a set-and-forget premium like the three mentioned above.

Jarrod Witts (292k, RUC) | AVG: 98.3, 15% Ownership

It’s safe to say Witts’ ownership will skyrocket this week. 303k is a lot of money to make from a trade, and if you are using that money to upgrade a rookie to a breakout midpricer or a struggling midpricer to an elite premium, you will come out in front with your point generation. The difference between the average of Witts and the top ruckman in SuperCoach (Martin, Nank) is roughly 17 points. If you upgrade a player like O’Meara (68 average) to a player like Bontempelli (131 average), you will gain 63 points on average. Subtract 17 from 63, and you have a 46-point increase. The most important part is the fact that you’ve now added an elite scoring player to your midfield. Witts may not score like the top ruckman in the league, but he opens up doors that they can’t.

Risky Pick

Braydon Preuss (199k, RUC) | AVG: 80.7, 27.5% Ownership

Preuss has taken Goldstein out of Ruck consideration for the time being, and if you’re looking for a big risk, you could put Preuss in your side. The only way I consider this is if you already have someone like Nank and Witts in your side and you downgrade Gawn to him to make cash. That could give you enough money to go from a rookie to a premium midfielder. If you are going to trade in Preuss, consider upgrading a midfielder over a forward or defender. Midfielders will always average higher than the forward or defence positions, which makes it better to spend your money there. There are a few reasons Preuss is a risky pick; He’s a rookie, Goldstein is an All-Australian ruckman and could push him out quite comfortably, and he won’t average enough to start on your field. It’s a left of field move you can consider if you require an upgrade elsewhere.

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